Life List

The Life List is a concept I stumbled upon from a fellow blooger.  Essentially, the life list is similar to the bucket list but rather things you want to do in your life – today, tomorrow, next week, next year, etc.

Items are in no particular order.
Those that are bold have been complete!


  1. SkyDiving.
  2. Visit Big Sur.  Done!  Amazing trip!
  3. Vacation in Bali.
  4. Vacation in French Polynesia.  Bora Bora would suffice…I'd settle for this.
  5. Vacation in Philippines.
  6. Solve the work/life balance equation.
  7. Read more.
  8. Meet new people and have interesting conversations.
  9. Visit Europe.
  10. Provincetown.
  11. Explore flying an airplane.
  12. Go on another cruise.
  13. Learn more about AWS.
  14. Drive Fast in a Nice Car – around the track.
  15. Pay It Forward.
  16. Continue to network with intelligent people.
  17. Explore Los Angeles.  Be a tour in my own town.
    1. Studio Tour.
    2. See the Hollywood Sign.
    3. Visit the Getty.
    4. Stroll through the Historic Biltmore Hotel
    5. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
  18. Smell the rain.
  19. Upgrade to an M series BMW.  Love my 4 series but a boy can wish right?
  20. Santorini
  21. Rio
  22. Barcelona
  23. Learn more Spanish.  I can get by but would love to learn more.
  24. Learn Golf – or even driving range!
  25. Continue to collect stamps in my Passport!