The following links are items that I personally use and endorse.



FreshBooks – a simple straightforward accounting software, utilizing cloud technology (which means nothing to install on your computer).  (LINK HERE)


We use ride share services anytime we don't want to drive.  Sometimes during the day, other times when we go out for dinner (and a glass of wine).  They are similar but sometimes each offers different coverage in different geographical areas!  Sign up for both below.   (BTW – they are listed in alphabetical order – I use both equally!)

Lyft – notice the pink neon sign in cars around the city?   That's Lyft!

Uber – we use ride sharing services anytime we don't want to drive – sometimes during the day and other times when we are going out for dinner.   Check out Uber!

BECOME A DRIVER!    One of the most simplistic ways to generate extra income (and build your Side Hustle).  There are some amazing incentives so I recommend signing up for both services.

Lyft Driver – begin the process to register as a Lyft driver!

Uber Driver – super easy to get started!



AirB&B – visiting a city and want a new experience?  Stay with someone.  Weird?  Not at all.  I have traveled for business (and personal) for years.  In a recent trip to San Francisco for business, the hotels were sold out so I tried my first AirB&B – and it was awesome.  The apartment I stayed in was beneath the actual owners home, they were upstairs and I was downstairs in a small little bedroom (with private bath) – so much fun!   (and doing it again soon!)   I encourage everyone to try it!