Freebird Rides

**Update – Freebird is now national.  Original post from 8/2018 reflected LA/OC only. **

Next time you Uber to your favorite restaurant or bar, consider using Freebird Rides!

Why?  They offer cash back!   I've been using the app for about a year and a half and I have received over $140cash back – no joke – cold hard cash back into my checking account!

How?  Freebird teams up with local restaurants and offers you cash back for Ubering to their location.

Open Freebird app, and book your Uber ride via their app.  When you arrive at your destination, get your drink (and dine) on – and pay your bill with that same linked credit/debit card.

Utilizing magic, they are able to identify that you've utilized the card via Uber AND at the restaurant/bar of your choice.

There is nothing different you have to do once you arrive at the restaurant.  Those restaurant owners we've asked indicated they do not pay for this service.

Difficult to see but the lifetime cash-back is $101.05

Their support is quick so if you have a question – submit via their app!

One of our favorite places is Bru Grill & Market in Lake Forest.  According to the Freebird app, from our house, the total cost of the ride is $9.08.  After you visit Bru (approx 24-36 hours later), you will receive $5 cash back – the ride is only $4.00!!!

Big big fan.

Check it out.  Please click on my link here – you and I both will receive a little gift!

Let me know your thoughts!


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