Diner en Blanc – Los Angeles – 2016

Picnic with Friends

Wear your fashionable white clothing, bring a tasty picnic, your tables and chairs, and be prepared for an amazing time!

This special “picnic with my friends” event started in 1988 in France – and to this day, it's still technically illegal in Paris. Organizers have brought Diner en Blanc (translation – dinner in white) to various cities throughout the world and in each city, this event continues to be so special.

Diner en Blanc – Los Angeles – 2016

My first event was Diner en Blanc Los Angeles in 2016. Wearing my super cute outfit and with my table, chairs, and picnic basket in tow, we met at Culver City Mall and got on the bus. The bus ventured down the dreadful 405 freeway and exited onto Santa Monica Boulevard.

Where are we going? What's the final destination? (PS – at this point, no one knows – that's the fun of it!) Are we stopping at the Los Angeles California Temple? Nope – there it is on our left. Is it Century City mall? Nope that is on the right. Has to be the Beverly Hilton…has to. Nope. But we are in the turning lane – but turning right. Where are we going?

We ended on a side street; I don't recall the street but we unloaded and walked. Just “follow your Table Leader” and the sea of white outfits.

Our final destination – the fabulous Rodeo Drive!

DEB took over Rodeo Drive by blocking a large area including a major intersection and a large portion of Rodeo Drive itself (6 blocks maybe?). As I think about Rodeo Drive, I think about the glamour, the money, the fame, and that it is never closed – this made it even more special! Our evening has officially begun! (It should be noted that in Los Angeles, permits are required, etc. and this was all legal!)

Once you arrive in your general area, the next part of the fun is unpacking and setting up your table. Tables are butt-to-butt (is that ok to say?) with your neighbor – envision one LONG communal table.

Part of your unpacking experience is dinner because guests can bring everything (picnic style) which means your meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Guests can also pre-purchase dinner from the venue. If guests are interested in alcoholic beverages, they MUST be pre-purchased from the venue. No outside stuff allowed.

The remainder of the evening consists of mingling, roaming around, making new friends, looking at other tables (decorations and food), admiring the outfits, and dancing the night away!

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